Euro Car Dealers | Digital Campaign

Euro Car Dealers | Digital Campaign

The client, Euro Car Dealers was looking for a way to centralised location for their business, and promote their products.

This project is a full on digital presence,  that makes use of of great localised SEO, company branding, and integration with social media. The site is built on WordPress CMS, to allow the client the ability to change and update the catalogue when needed.

The design of the site is content first. There are no frills here to detract from the content being presented, which is of the uttermost importance. This was a real opportunity for me to flex my minimalist design muscles (I have more then one), and challenge to create a visually appealing site with such a narrow focus. It all boils down to great images, great typography, and a very select colour palette.

The Logo


Quite obviously, the inspiration for this design comes from the flag of the European Union. The idea was to gives customers a sense of prestige and security, and to communicate them with something that was colourful.